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Fee Schedule


Nonsufficient Funds $30.00
Overdraft Charge $30.00
Overdraft Transfer $8.00 per transfer from Share Savings (Note 1)
Returned Deposit $5.00
Returned ACH Deposit $5.00
Returned ACH Credit $5.00
Stop Payment Fee $15.00
Online Bill Pay $5.00 per month if enrolled, but not using
Incoming Domestic Wire Transfer $10.00
Incoming Foreign Wire Transfer $10.00
Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer $15.00
Outgoing Foreign Wire Transfer $30.00
Domestic Deposit Collection Item $15.00
Foreign Deposit Collection Item $40.00
Account Research $20.00 per hour
Balancing Assistance $20.00 per hour
Money Orders $1.00 each
Official Checks $2.00 each
ATM/Debit Card Replacement $12.00 (Note 2)
Inactive Account Fee $10.00 per month (Note 3)
Verification of Funds $5.00
Overnight Mail $20.00
Loan Documentation Fee $25.00 for each new consumer loan**
Late Loan Payment $20.00 if payment not received within 10 days of due date
Late Credit Card Payment $20.00 if payment not received within 10 days of due date
Real Estate Loan Cancellation $50.00 if cancelled at member request (Note 4)

* Fee changes will be effective May 6, 2013.

Note 1: Effective July 1, 2011, the first three overdraft protection transfers from Share Savings to Share Draft Checking will no longer be free. The initial overdraft protection transfer will cost $8.00, as well as each subsequent transfer.

** Fee changes related to loans are effective April 1, 2013..

Note 2: Additional charges for expedited delivery may apply.

Note 3: The inactive account fee of $10.00 per month will be charged if the accountholder has not initiated any activity on the account in the past 365 days AND has no other active subaccount such as a share draft checking account, loan, credit card, or share certificate AND the credit union is unable to contact the member via mail, phone, or email.

Note 4: Additional charges for completed appraisals and title work may apply.